10 Week EMR Initial On Demand

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Course Details Summary

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY – Be sure to review the entire page

  1. This is an online course.
  2. Students are required to attend one 4 hour skill lab weekly at our facility in South Windsor
  3. We encourage students to begin their class within 7 days of registering.
  4. The end date of the course will be 10 weeks from the first day of class.
  5. To complete this course, students must successfully complete all grading components, meet psychomotor competencies, and meet cognitive objectives.
  6. See the list of required items below

This 10-week EMR program is an entry level course of over 80 hours that will prepare students for participation in pre-hospital patient care.

The following items must be completed on Day 1 at our facility, in order to successfully navigate this EMR Class. Please allow approximately 4 hours minimum to complete the first day:

  1. Registration and enrollment to the online course materials
  2. Instruction on use of the online course materials
  3. Blood Borne Pathogens course

Students will have daily online course work to complete.  Students will need a portable computer for the first day of class, but, we can make arrangements, if a computer is needed for the first day.  The remaining assignments are done at home and an internet speed capable of video streaming is required.

Students must make arrangements to attend skill labs on a weekly basis. Students must come to our facility not less than 3 hours per week to complete psychomotor lab requirements. Arrangements for this will be made on the first day of the course.

List of required items:

  1. A portable computer for the first day of class and the final written exam.  These are in class instructor led days.
  2. A computer outside of the classroom for online lectures and assignments
  3. An internet speed capable of streaming video content.
  4. Clinical Uniform that will consist of:
    1. Black Pants – Dickies (no jeans, no scrubs, no yoga pants)
    2. Polo type shirt – included in cost of class
    3. Solid Black non-permeable shoes
    4. Watch – digital type or has a second hand. (any watch that must be “woken up” is not acceptable)
    5. Small spiral bound notepad

The Emergency Medical Responder (EMR), formerly MRT (Medical Response Technician), course is designed for anyone  interested in learning more about the emergency response system and in being a first responder.  The EMR is usually the first trained individual who arrives at the scene of an emergency. 

The primary focus of an EMR is to initiate immediate lifesaving care to critical patients.  As an EMR, you will possess the basic knowledge and skills necessary to provide lifesaving interventions while awaiting additional EMS response.  You will also assist higher level providers on scene and during transport.

The cost includes: 

  • Online digital access to Jones and Bartlett AAOS EMR 6th Edition
  • Digital Copy of AAOS EMR 6th Edition text (paper text can be purchased for an additional fee)
  • Access to lectures and online activities and assignments
  • American Heart Association BLS CPR certification
  • Blood Pressure cuff and stethoscope
  • Access to National Testing preparation program
  • Class Uniform shirt

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