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This 8-week initial EMT program is an extremely fast paced, entry level course of over 160 hours that will prepare students for participation in pre-hospital patient care. Online assignments, must be completed by defined due dates.

Course Details Summary

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY – Be sure to review the entire page

  1. This is an online course, with in person skill lab instruction
  2. Students will have daily assignments due weekly.
  3. We will email each student an invitation to our online, remote, orientation once we receive the registration.
  4. Students are required to complete skill labs of 4 hours weekly to a total of 32 hours for the course.

SKILL LABS are available with the following schedule:

Labs are in 4 hour blocks and students may not complete more than 4 hours per day.

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

8am to 12pm

1pm to 5pm

6pm to 10pm

Our skill labs are groups of not more than 5 students for each of the times noted above.

The following items will be completed during our online, remote orientation, please allow 2 hours for orientation:

Our online orientation requires the ability to live stream with our moderator either by webcam with microphone, or call in by phone with video access.

  1. Student forms ( should be completed prior to orientation meeting)
  2. Review grading and student expectations  
  3. Enroll in the online course
  4. Review syllabus and milestones
  5. Review course requirements, NIMS, Communications etc.
  6. Review the functionality of the program
  7. Students will be taught how to sign up for skill labs.
  8. Students must come to our facility not less than 8 hours per week to complete psychomotor lab requirements.

List of required items:

  1. A computer for online lectures and assignments
  2. An internet speed capable of streaming video content.
  3. Clinical Uniform that will consist of: Black Pants – Dickies (no jeans, no scrubs, no yoga pants)
  4. Polo type shirt – included in cost of class
  5. Solid Black non-permeable shoes
  6. Watch – digital type or has a second hand. (any watch that must be “woken up” is not acceptable)
  7. Small spiral bound notepad

How to become an EMT in CT

  1. Complete and Pass a State Approved Initial EMT class.
  2. Complete and Pass the National Registry EMT cognitive exam.
  3. Complete and Pass the National Registry/State Pscyhomotor exam.
  4. These National Tests are completed after the EMT class is passed and have separate fees.

** We do not recommend individuals under the age of 18 take this course during the school year.

The cost of our class includes: 

  • Online digital access to Jones and Bartlett AAOS EMT 11th Edition
  • Digital Copy of AAOS 11th edition EMT text (paper text can be purchased for an additional fee)
  • Access to lectures and online activities and assignments
  • American Heart Association BLS CPR certification
  • American Heart Association Blood Borne Pathogens certification
  • Blood Pressure cuff and stethoscope
  • Access to National Testing preparation program
  • Clinical Uniform shirt
  • 12 hours of mandatory Pre-Hospital clinical observation – Ambulance ride time coordinated by CPR Training Professionals