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This course meets the requirements for continuing education to renew your NREMR/State of CT CT EMT certification

The summary of this continuing education option is as follows:

Online: 12 hours distributed upon registration
Saturday:  7 hours of required topics

Here is a breakdown of the online and In Class topics and hours:

24 Hours Distributive (Online) ContentHours
Airway/Respiration Ventilation
Airway Management Basic1
Respiratory Emergencies Basic1
 Stroke Assessment & Treatment1
Behavioral Emergencies Basic1
Common Infectious Pathogens1
Obstetrical Emergencies Basic1
Allergies and Anaphylaxis Basic1
 Child Abuse: EMS Roles & Responsibilities1
Health & Wellness1
 Medical, Ethical, and Legal Issues1
Managing Multiple Casualty Incidents1
Total Distributive12
In Class CoursesHours
Cardiac Arrest2
Pediatric Cardiac Arrest1
Bleeding and Shock1
Toxicological Emergencies – Opioids1
Neurological Emergencies – Seizures1
Endocrine Emergencies – diabetes1
Total In Class7

Upon completion of the distributive portion and the classroom portion, a course completion certificate will be issued that will meet the NREMR requirements for renewal of your EMR certification. This will enable you to renew your NREMR and/or your State of CT certificate.

Students that miss any portion of the classroom part of our renewal will not receive credit for that portion of the course and may not meet the NR requirements for renewal. Their completion certificate will reflect any topics not completed by process of omission.

It is up to the individual to know what is needed to renew their certificate and fulfill those requirements in some way.

The 12 hours of online courses are issued by a third party vendor.

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