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This program meets on 2 Saturdays in conjunction with the EMT classroom renewal from 9am to 5pm. This will satisfy all NREMR/State of CT EMR renewal requirements. The classes that EMR students need to attend are identified on the registration page, click the register button for the upcoming dates.

This class will cover all categories and topics required by the NREMR and upon completion, students will receive a completion certificate with course and topics detail to upload for their renewal.

In order to qualify for the 16 hour completion certificate, students must attend all classes. Any classes that are missed will be reflected in the completion certificate at the end of the course.

Students may wish, and are able to, substitute distributive education for any missed classes, for an additional fee as required. But are not able to use more than 10 hours of distributive courses.

Students that miss any portion of the classroom part of our renewal will not receive credit for that portion of the course and may not meet the NR requirements for renewal. Their completion certificate will reflect any topics not completed by process of omission.

It is up to the individual to know what is needed to renew their certificate and fulfill those requirements in some way.

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