Payment Plan is available for this course with a 50% non-refundable downpayment and payment plan fee

To become an EMS Instructor in the State of Connecticut the following criteria must be met:

EMS Providers who wish to become EMS Instructors will meet the following criteria, and submit required to their respective EMS Regional Council:

  1. Current unencumbered EMT certification or higher EMS provider certification/license
    1. Must have credentials and experience consistent with the level of instruction they will teach
  2. Have twenty-four (24) months of EMS experience within the last thirty-six (36) months of the date of application with an ambulance or rescue organization or in emergency medical care field as approved by OEMS
  3. Completion of the EMT recertification exam with a minimum score of ninety (90)
  4. Completion of an OEMS approved EMS Instructor course  within 2 years of application, ( See CT OEMS website for equivalent options)
  5. Obtain approval from CT EMS Regional council or CT State agency
  6. Submission of two letters of endorsement from current EMS Instructors

What our course covers:

This over 90 hour program will prepare the Instructor Candidate to develop and teach EMS programs in adherence to the National Education Standards. 

The course will provide the principles, practices, and procedures to assist the candidate in transitioning from clinician to educator.

In Addition

Students must complete 25 hours of student teaching.  This may be completed at CPR Training Professionals when requested.  Guidelines for student teaching is as follows:

Inclusion of twenty-five (25) hour student teaching internship required for initial course completion to occur after all classroom content completed.

Demonstration of competency in the following areas:

  1. Development and use of lesson plans
  2. Following, and understanding objectives (Affective, Cognitive, and Psychomotor)
  3. Teaching in the following areas: a. small group sessions b. direct classroom (large group) instruction c. Student –centered teaching methodology
  4. Psychomotor instruction and evaluation
  5. Student remediation

What’s included:

  • 25 Hours of Student teaching if requested, coordinated with CPR Training Professionals staff
  • Textbook

Payment Plan Option

There is no penalty for paying the balance early

Students can choose to make weekly payments for this EMS Instructor class.

The required non refundable down payment must be made to qualify.  During the registration process students can choose the payment plan option to indicate their desire to make payments.

Payment plans are calculated by taking the balance after the non refundable down payment, adding the administrative fee, then dividing by the number of weeks of the EMT class (all accounts must be paid in full the week before the final exam of the course) ALL payments are due each Friday.

Balance Due + Fee = Total Due ÷ weeks of class = Weekly Payment