Requirements for EMT Students completing Patient Contact requirement for EMT Class as of July 1, 2022

Any student that registers on or after July 1, 2022 must complete 10 in person patient contact assessments in the field with a licensed or certified medical provider. This can be on an ambulance, fire department that has an ambulance that provides care and transport, or in an emergency department, NOT in a medical office.

Students must choose between 2 options for this requirement prior to orientation:

Off Site – Students can complete the patient assessment requirement with an organized ambulance service or medical provider of their choosing.  The student must inform our clinical coordinator of their intentions and provide the name of the service allowing the student access, as well as the contact information for that service.  CPR Training Professionals must approve any location requested by students in order to receive credit for assessments completed. Eligible providers are ambulance services, emergency departments, and fire departments that have an ambulance that responds to medical calls.

 Local Provider Option:  Students can choose to enroll in the CPR Training Professionals clinical observation program using our ambulance service providers.  The ambulance providers for this program are located in the Manchester, CT and the Hartford, CT areas.  Students choosing this option will be required to complete 2 – Twelve hour shifts on an ambulance, complete paperwork, sign up with our clinical coordinator, and have an ID made to be worn during clinicals.

The decision for these clinical options must be made prior to attending orientation or on the first day of an in-class course.  You do not need to have approval for the offsite clinical option before orientation, but you must commit to one of the choices or you will not be allowed to attend orientation.

Students enrolling in any of our In Class courses will be required to complete the local provider option and the process will be explained and started on the first day of class.

  • Any students choosing the off site option must have their clinical contact in place with our clinical coordinator by the second week of their class, or they risk not completing this requirement.
  • Any student not completing the clinical observation requirement by the week before their class ends will risk having their course suspended until the requirement is completed.
  • Students will be sent a health questionnaire that must be completed after registration, but before orientation, for the fit testing of an N95 mask for clinicals.

These requirements must be completed in order for a student to successfully complete the requirements of their EMT class. There will be associated fees to the student if their course needs to be extended to meet this requirement.