CPR Training Professionals, LLC, are Medical Educators providing CPR and other medical classes in a comfortable and interactive learning environment. Our goal is to create a classroom experience that will not only encourage you to do something in an emergency, but also give you confidence to…. DO SOMETHING!!!

Andrew Hildebrand
Andy is the founder of the company. Andy has been a CPR Instructor, Advanced Cardiac Life Support Instructor, Pediatric Advanced Life Support Instructor, and Emergency Medical Services Instructor since 1995. Andy is also a Paramedic and volunteers for the South Windsor Fire Department as well.


Nancy Annis
RN, CPR Instructor, “Manager” or Coordinator of Sales & Marketing

Nancy started her Medical Career as an OR Nurse and expanded into business as product and marketing managers for GE, Philips and the The Dexter Corporation. Nancy’s interests are cooking, fishing and reading.

Rachel Leonardo
Rachel had been employed by CPR Training Professionals since February 2012. Rachel is the Company’s Administrative Assistant who assists the Company Owner and Marketing Department. Rachel is starting her EMS Career and is currently enrolled in our Emergency Medical Technician Class. Rachel has been a Firefighter for the South Windsor Fire Department since 2010 and is a native of the town. In her spare time Rachel enjoys Studying, Firefighting & EMS materials.

Scott Fine
Scott is one of the original employees of CPR Training Professionals. Scott has been on EMT for 10 years with lots of practical experience and has been a member of the South Windsor Fire Department for 21 years. Scott also holds numerous Federal Certifications as well as Management Of Aggressive Behavior (MOAB) and also is a rock solid, die hard Red Sox Fan. Scott is a life long native of South Windsor.


Kate Hildebrand
Kate is the support of CPR Training Professionals. Kate is the administrative support that keeps a seamless flow between students and instructors that makes your experience easier and virtually effortless.


Doris Martindale
Doris has been an EMT for approximately 10 years, and a paramedic for 8 years and started with volunteering in the Valley Seymour Ambulance Corps. Doris is a new addition to CPPT Train Pro, and an AHA Instructor.


Jessica Warren
Jessica has been an Emergency Medical Technician for 8 years and certified in CPR for 8 years as well. She is a new addition to the CPR Training Professionals Family and would like to help you anyway she can.


Roger Hildebrand
Roger joined CPR Training Professionals in 2010 working in the Sales Department. Roger has been in the Sales Field for over 50 years and a Member of SWVPD for 45 years. Currently Media Manager & Chief Photographer on the SWFD


Jay Jaskulski
Jay is a Nuclear Medicine Technologists at a private cardiology office and has more than 20 years of hospital care experience. Jay has been CPR Certified for many years and enjoys teaching and developing a CPR career.


Keri McDermott
Keri is a Paramedic with AMR Waterbury Division for the past 7 years has been a paramedic for 4 years. Keri is a new addition to CPR training professionals as a AHA BLS Healthsaver Instructor. And is also an avid pit bull fan, and has 3 rescued pit bulls.


Christopher Tsoronis
Christoper at the age of 14 joined the SWFD Explorer program. Christopher at 18 , then joined SWFP as a Firefighter. In the same year joined the CT Air National Guard as a Firefighter and deployed to Kuwait in 2009. Currently, Christopher works as an EMT – Basic for South Windsor Ambulance and has been an EMT for 2 years. Full time Christopher works for the State of CT Air National Guard at Bradley International Airport. He has been a skills evaluator for CPR Training Professional for 1 year.