Saturday Initial EMT Training

Saturday Only Initial EMT Course


Course Details Summary

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY – Be sure to review the entire page

  1. This is an instructor led course with online coursework and assignments.  Homework, some lectures, and quizzes are online.
  2. Classes meet each Saturday.  Hours will be identified on the first day of class.  Classes typically meet from 8am to 4pm, but, some weeks are 10am to 4pm.
  3. The end date of the course will be 12 weeks from the start of class.
  4. To complete this course, students must successfully complete all grading components, meet psychomotor competencies, and meet cognitive objectives.
  5. See the list of required items

This Saturday only EMT program is an entry level course of 200+ hours that will prepare students for participation in pre-hospital patient care.

The following items must be completed on Day 1,  in order to successfully navigate this EMT Class. If students miss the first day, there is a rescheduling fee.

  1. Registration and enrollment to the online course materials
  2. Instruction on use of the online course materials
  3. Information and enrollment for clinical observation with our associated ambulance services. Students must complete 12 hours to complete this course.
  4. Photo ID for student identification
  5. Blood Borne Pathogens course

The final step in the program is completion of the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) certification exam. The examination fee of $120 is separate from the tuition and is paid at the time of the exam.

You must be 16 years of age to become certified as an EMT in the State of Connecticut.

List of required items:

  1. A portable computer for the first day of class and the final written exam.  These are in class instructor led days.
  2. A computer outside of the classroom for online lectures and assignments
  3. An internet speed capable of streaming video content.
  4. Clinical Uniform that will consist of:
    1. Black Pants – Dickies (no jeans, no scrubs, no yoga pants)
    2. Polo type shirt – included in cost of class
    3. Solid Black non-permeable shoes
    4. Watch – digital type or has a second hand. (any watch that must be “woken up” is not acceptable)
    5. Small spiral bound notepad

The cost includes: 

  • Online digital access to Jones and Bartlett AAOS EMT 11th Edition
  • Digital Copy of AAOS 11th edition EMT text (paper text can be purchased for an additional fee)
  • Access to lectures and online activities and assignments
  • American Heart Association BLS CPR certification
  • Blood Pressure cuff and stethoscope
  • Access to National Testing preparation program
  • Clinical Uniform shirt
  • 12 hours of mandatory Pre-Hospital clinical observation – Ambulance ride time coordinated by CPR Training Professionals

Payment Plan Option

Students can choose to make weekly payments for this EMT class.

The required non refundable down payment must be made to qualify.  During the registration process students can choose the payment plan option to indicate their desire to make payments.

Payment plans are calculated by taking the balance after the non refundable down payment, adding the administrative fee, then dividing by the number of weeks of the EMT class (all accounts must be paid in full the week before the final exam of the course) ALL payments are due no later than Friday.

Balance Due + Fee = Total Due ÷ weeks of class = Weekly Payment

There is no penalty for paying the balance early.